The media has skewed our view on what modern relationships and romance should look like in today's world.

Tune in to our series, #ModernRomance, as we discuss how to make right what the media has made wrong in our understanding of relationships and make you #thirsty for God's word.


As we enter the new year, we often set new years resolutions on things we would like to accomplish. But what if we changed the narrative and asked the question, “Who do I want to be?” rather than “What do I want to accomplish?” You can’t step into the new without first making room for more.

Join us as we dive into a four part series of what it looks like to become new.


The greatest story ever told. From the shepherds, to the wise men, to Mary and Joseph, each and every one of us can find ourselves in the Nativity story of Jesus Christ.

Tune in with us for our series entitled, #ThisIsUs, as we go through four different perspectives during the birth of Jesus Christ and find ourselves deep in the pages of scripture.


In life, we often want God to do more and change the situation that surrounds us. But what if the more we wanted and the change we hoped for happened within us, not merely around us?

The Church--God's people--are the hope of the world. What if God’s design was to use his people to change the world? What if we were hope in action?

Join us as week kick off a new series, #HopeInAction!


Sometimes life circumstances could leave us feeling overwhelmed, overworked, pressed, and crushed.

But just as New Wine is made from the pressing and crushing of grapes, we believe that it's through the pressing and crushing of life that God can make you new.

Join us for our #NewWine four week series as we walk through how to navigate the pressing and crushing of life.


With being people that constantly crave a sense of community, what do you do when you feel isolated, alone, and uninvited?

Join us as we dive into a four part series of what it looks like to be invited to have a seat at the table.